Competition Details

2018 Key Dates


Closing date for School Entry forms for both the Business Studies and Economics Competition.


Official Day of Economics Competition


Official Day of Business Studies Competition


Marking of the Competitions.


Schools receive Competitions results.

We allow schools to conduct the competitions any time within the week of the official date. However, we ask that you collect the papers immediately after the exam and wait until the 25th May before returning them to students.

Scope of the competition

The Competitions aim to assess students on:

The Competition questions are set in conjunction with academics from UNSW Australia. We aim to provide a set of interesting and challenging questions to encourage and stimulate discussions amongst students and teachers. The competition encourages awareness of current economics, business and political environment. These questions are not explicitly aimed at meeting the Australian Economics and Business Studies high school examination syllabi, but will stretch students in their understanding of those topics.

Competition Divisions

Students will be competing in two divisions:

a) Junior Division - Year 11 and below; or
b) Senior Division - Year 12.

Accelerated students who are studying Economics and/or Business Studies one year in advance of their other subjects must identify themselves as belonging to the appropriate Economics and/or Business Studies division regardless of their actual school year.

In recent years, there have been a growing number of Year 10 students studying commerce who participated in the Business Studies competition. Feedback from these students suggests that the competition is also relevant to those who are considering studying the subject in their senior years. Thus, while the Business Studies Competition is not aimed at junior students, those interested are welcomed to participate.

Competition Format

For both Competitions:

Questions: 40 multiple choice questions, each with 4 choices. Questions will be printed in booklets. Standardised response sheets and question booklets will be provided for each participating student.

Duration: 50 minutes

Material: Pencils and erasers only. No calculators or rulers are allowed.

Location: In your school, under strict examination conditions and supervision.

All questions are of equal value. Each student will start off with ten (10) marks. One (1) mark will be awarded for each correct response, whilst each incorrect response will attract a one quarter (1/4) mark penalty to discourage random guessing. Unattempted questions score zero (0). This gives a total mark ranging from 0 to 50.


In each division, awards will be allocated on a state-wide basis as follows:

All participating students will receive a certificate from the University of New South Wales.

Past Papers

2017 Economics Past Paper

2017 Business Studies Past Paper


Our preferred method of registration is online. Alternatively, you can download the mail entry forms below and mail it to our postal address. The cost of entry per student is AUD$7.00. Find out more about registration here.